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November 6, 2009
WHO - Director General Margaret Chan

W.H.O. Director General, Margaret Chan

Because of its importance and the lateness of the hour, I am going to continue to post warnings about the H1N1 vaccine.  The following video was submitted by a friend and its the most comprehensive analysis of the so-called pandemic I have heard to date.  Yes, it’s a bit difficult to follow, but worth the time it takes. 

Just to clarify – I have nothing against Catholics – I come fr0m a Catholic background, though I am Protestant.  I have much to say about Catholic doctrines, the Jesuits, and the politico/religio papacy, but this video is from a concerned Doctor whose sense of morality and concern for the health of her countrymen prompt her to sound a very clear, and hopefully audible, warning.  Being a nun is incidental here.  God bless her for what she and others are doing to sound the bells.  I’m sorry that I’m not able to upload the video.  Please go directly to this site.

Submitted by Trish:

This is another interesting video, a bit difficult for me to follow as she speaks very quickly, and you need to read what’s being said.  But I was able to read enough of each line to know this is a concern in other countries also.  For those of you who are keeping up with the truth about what’s going on, or at least the things we are seeing going on, even though we may not understand all of why, you’ll be interested in this.  I’m sure that David Null got some of his data from the same resource as did this doctor.  Don’t let her being a nun distract you from what she is saying.  Thank you Helen for this another confirming video of a bit of what’s going on in our countries.  Blessings…   Trish

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