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November 18, 2009

John McCain

John McCain made an appearance in my area (Mohave County) for a town hall meeting and I fully intended to go, except that I had personal business that prevented me.

I am familiar with Luca Zanna and used to support the Mohave County Minutemen but for personal reasons can no longer do so.  However, I give credit where credit is due and when I saw this video, I decided to post it.  Although the local newspaper gave Luca “photographic exposure” I was surprised and disappointed to see that there wasn’t written recognition! Not a single line!  When you see the video, you will understand why.  

I watched as a very patient Zanna held his hand in the air for approximately an hour and was obviously being ignored and overlooked.  I am sure McCain had been informed ahead of time of the group’s verbal activism at civic meetings.  McCain was obviously trying to avoid any kind of confrontation, or should I say, revelations?  Finally, the meeting came to an end and McCain began to walk off, but this time, Luca insisted that, as an American citizen, he be given a chance to speak.  McCain begrudgingly allowed him his minute or two, all the while acting as though this was some kind of joke (or maybe he was embarrassed?) 

I applaud Luca for bringing up only McCain’s voting record and for allowing the other side to be heard.  McCain might be campaigning for the 2012 elections but Mr. Zanna did not allow him to simply give the people what he wanted them to hear or what they wanted to hear.  Although critics might call it grandstanding, how many will put a politician in his place?  As usual, this outspoken activist cut right through the heart of the propaganda and exposed the true nature of the beast.  He left the crowd with the truth ringing in their ears.  Since statistics show that the last statements are the first remembered, I think McCain might have made a mistake by ignoring Mr. Zanna.

Although the people of the area are split on what they think of the Mohave County Minutemen, when something is right, you go beyond the personal for the better good.  I, for one, am happy to see someone hold politicians responsible for their voting records.  See video below:

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