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December 8, 2009

By Victoria Day

“We finally have proof of what we have always suspected – that these guys have been fudging the data. My hope also is that there will be an independent science panel who will go over their data and methods and come up with a report that will set the matter straight.”  Fred Singer, professor emeritus of environmental science at the University of Virginia.

With the Copenhagen Climate Summit well under way, mainstream media seems to be glossing over or ignoring the leaked East Anglia e-mails.  Inside the talks, however, there is discontent. 

I have been asked why I haven’t been reporting on or offering an assessment of the event earlier.  Yes, I consider this one of the most important voyages of the good ship NWO, but whether it would sail to its intended destination or hit an iceberg, well, that remained to be seen.  Now, we are awaiting Obama’s arrival – now scheduled at the end of the summit.  Will he take heed of the burgeoning discontent of the American public after the “climategate” debaucle or will he continue on to lead our country into subservience under a global treaty that will bind us to unjust and unequal sacrifices in the name of “sustainability.”  My opinion?  He will eventually lead us in that direction unless the “birthers” are correct and he is deposed soon.  As far as I’m concerned, it is Jesuit trained Biden the Illuminati want anyway and I’m speculating that Obama will eventually be sacrificed on the altar of political intrigue.  But let me not get off the rational track here onto the train to Oz …

So far we have learned that there have been some dissenters on the inside.  Mohammed al-Sabban, Saudi Arabia’s representative and chief climate negotiator, did indeed call for an independent international investigation and shed doubts on the believability of “climate science” because of the e-mail exposures.  Well, at least they were mentioned.

In our own country, there are mixed opinions.  According to the Washington Times, some climate-change skeptics are advising Obama not to commit the United States to any long term goals.  Some advise that he not even attend because of unreasonable expectations that might be placed on the U.S.:

“Every time he attends, he will give something away,” said Fred Singer, a professor emeritus of environmental science at the University of Virginia.

“He is expected to bring presents. If he doesn’t attend, less will be expected of us, and that is better,” Mr. Singer said. “My hope is that the U.S. Senate will not approve any kind of treaty obligation.”

I hope they don’t either but the fight is on.  Today, December 7, 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency made a historic declaration – there is enough scientific evidence, they say, to classify greenhouse gasses as harmful to humans.  Isn’t it a coincidence that it coincides with the Copenhagen Summit?  Pardon my skepticism, but I can’t help wondering how that happened…bribe? Threat?   

When it comes to control of the planet’s resources, don’t underestimate those who use “global warming” as an excuse and don’t underestimate the influence of the Vatican.  We tend to equate the Vatican with religion, but we need to begin to understand that it is a very wealthy, very powerful, political entity and that the Pope is one of the main players on this global stage: 

Why do I mention the Vatican?  The agenda has been clear from the beginning.  It is not about global warming or climate change.  It’s about who will control the world’s resources in the NWO – who will profit, who will gain and the Vatican has much to gain on both a financial and religious level.  The Pope has certainly made his voice known on this issue.

The climate change proponents are using Co2, greenhouse gasses, and global warming to implement global “taxes” and redistribute wealth from industrialized nations to underdeveloped countries.  They are ignoring any evidence to the contrary – even a declaration from 31,486 American scientists (9,029 with PhDs) that contradicts the stand of the “greenies” will make no difference – or will it?

As a Christian, I am in the bleachers on this one.  God is in charge after all and I am hopeful that the many prayers that have entered the Holy of Holies will have put a roadblock in the one worlder’s plans for the moment.  If so, it will be back to the drawing board for them, but we will know more when Obama gets to the summit.  Did Al Gore or even the Pope convince him that his support is crucial?  Will he ignore the e-mails?  Personally, I believe he will. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I think we should all be responsible in caring for what God has given us, but don’t lie to us to advance policies that will bind the sovereignty of our nation and create huge profits and immense global power for the relatively few. 

What will happen at the summit?  Sometimes, you just have to wait and see.



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