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December 12, 2009

Today was food bank day.

As happens sometimes, the food bank distribution center called to say that the truck from Flagstaff would be late.  The couple who volunteered to pick up the food couldn’t fit a later time into their schedule.  With a broken starter on our old van and a smaller car, we decided to hitch up the container that we hall trash in and pick up the load ourselves.  And awayyyyyy we went, Beverly Hillbilly style!

Our small church has one outreach in the little town of Chloride and that’s a monthly food distribution, so come rain or shine (it was raining), obstacles like this are nothing to the Lord.  We plod on.

What’s amazing about this is that for the last four months, we shouldn’t have received anything.  The food banks have been pretty much depleted and we are on the “freebie list.”  That is, churches who don’t pay for their stock.  As a small church, we have no budget for this.  We rely on the good will of those who run this food distribution centers.  So far, God has not closed the door on their hearts or our ministry to the community.  We picked up a big load of veggies, beans, potato chips and drinks.  Lot’s of bread also.  With the economy as it is, many people can really use this kind of food distribution.  God is good.

Today, we began with few and ended with many helpers.  We had the usual church members – thank you Linda, Donna, Mark and Debbie.  But then, a few of the townspeople showed up – bikers – tattooed.  We all worked together and finally got all the food in the boxes for pickup.  Whew!  Gary and I went home and SLEPT.  ZZZZZzzzzzzz.

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