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December 16, 2009

I just received this e-mail from the mother of a 22 year old young man who has suffered a great deal throughout his life.  Our church has continually prayed ESPECIALLY for him.  He has the disease that Abraham Lincoln had – the bones grow so fast that the nerves pull away from the bone, but besides that, he has suffered from something else for the past year.  A large goiter (the size of a chicken breast) was blocking his windpipe and he couldn’t breath well.  He was afraid to sleep because he would have to push the thing out of the way to clear the air passages.  He became very ill, yet the doctors were undecided as to what to do.  One fearless doctor here in Kingman threw malpractice fears out the window and did it PRO BONO!  This wasn’t even his specialty, but he wouldn’t let his fear over a malpractice suit keep him from saving David’s life.  And, by the way, Dr. Ramirez is a Christian. GOD BLESS HIM! 

Here is the e-mail (I took the liberty to correct a few typing errors) for those who want a true blessing of faith this Christmas.  God always picks up after man admits his limitations:

“I want to thank everyone for your prayers. Not only does our God reign, HE IS FAITHFUL! Dave had his surgery on Monday of this week. The surgeon that did his surgery is a Christian. After seeing Dave 10 days ago and sending us to Phoenix with no success of any doctors or hospitals, including the Mayo Clinic, helping him, we returned to Kingman to Dr. Ramirez and he said, “I will do the surgery.”  He said he “couldn’t just sit by and watch David die.” because by this point David had become gravelly ill. On Monday, Dave went into the hospital and what should have been a 25 minute surgery became a five hour ordeal.  The Dr explained to us that Dave may never speak again and that he [the Dr.] did not feel qualified to do the surgery, but as I had stated, he said he could not just watch him die.  Four hours into the surgery the nurse came and told us that Dave was stable, but Dr. Ramirez, knowing that we are people of faith, asked us to keep praying.  He said things were getting very complicated. The doctor told us through his nurse it would be at least another two hours and asked us to keep praying [and buy the way, I called my prayer partners and you know who you are.] The doctor came out an hour later and told us that after that four hour mark, all of a sudden, the arteries and the nerves that go to the voice box and the part of the thyroid that wrapped itself around Dave’s esophagus just became very clear and he was able to successfully complete the surgery. The doctor seemed as though he was walking on air. He told us all that he had just been an instrument of a miracle! He even went as far to say without removing the breathing tube he was sure Dave would be able to speak! Well praise be to God not only can Dave speak, but we brought him home today! Sound familiar?  Three days? Well, anyway, again I want to give our God the praise and honor do His name and thank all of you saints for praying for our family. THANK YOU !!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU! Psalms 23 and Psalms 91 were the Scriptures God used to encourage me through the past many many months. I do not know what any of you are facing in your personal lives but God does, and I can say without a doubt He is ABLE!!!!!! and willing, to bring into completion that which He has begun!!! God bless all of you and MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!”

I think there are TWO miracles in this story.  One, that the doctor went BEYOND the limitations of insurance protocal and fear of malpractice and followed his conscience and our God, even though he wasn’t “qualified” to do the surgery!  Second, that David’s vocal chords were not affected.

Bravo to Dr. Ramirez of Kingman, Arizona.  A true physician with a heart of flesh.

Gary and I saw David after the surgery and he looked wonderful – he could speak and eat too!  God is soooooooooo good.

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