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January 1, 2010

Heavenly Father,

For the readers of this blog and for family and friends, may those who know you now, know you better in the year to come.  May we draw closer to you than we ever have and be the lights that you have purposed us to be in an ever-darkening world. 

The antichrist’s hour is soon upon us and as we see the night approaching, let us never forget that we are of the day and the darkness cannot triumph over Your light. 

Strengthen us, Oh God, to persevere through the trials that are, and those to come.  Make your Presence known in our lives as never before and let us rejoice through every accusation and trial.  May anything that sets itself up against the King of Kings and Lord of Lords be overshadowed by the cross and shattered by the Words of gospel Truth.   May it be emblazoned on our foreheads that we never forget who we are in You.

Give us love in our hearts.  Love – not as the world defines it, but self-sacrificing and never wavering in the Truth, for YOU are the Truth and our very life.

For those who don’t know you, may your light shine upon them and disarm all thoughts that are contrary to your gospel message of life.  Have mercy on those, who through their own ignorance that they call “knowledge” have disregarded You and Your salvation.  Forgive them Father, and open their eyes to see the beauty and experience the love that You pour out freely to those whom You love.


Victoria and Gary Day

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