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February 4, 2010

I have been warning about the H1N1 vaccine since I began this blog.  Since I have an adult son with Asperger’s Syndrome who had been damaged by a double dose of MMR vaccine, I did my research when this new vaccine appeared.  The hype was incredible, the propaganda extensive, and the ‘fear factor’ a pivotal point of coercion.  When it smells like a rat, it probably is.  Whenever you see profits in the billions, look for the corpse.  In this case, we, the people, are the victims. It’s difficult to believe that there is such evil – those who would gladly sacrifice people for profit, but sadly, it seems to be a norm in our society today.   

As stated in an earlier article on this blog, the dangerous additives can cause much worse damage than the mild flu the vaccine is supposed to protect us against.  Again, please, don’t take the shot!

Now, all of us who have been warning so stongly against it are vindicated.  There is a European investigation being conducted and the following videos are from an interview Alex Jones from Infowars did with Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, “… german physician. Born in 1947. He studied medicine in Berlin and Hamburg and obtained his medical degree and a doctor´s grade from the University of Hamburg. He obtained his postgraduate qualifications in internal medicine and pneumology, in public health, social medicine, hygiene and environmental medicine in Germany and further training in epidemiology at Johns Hopkins University/ Baltimore, USA.”

Although I cannot fully endorse Infowars, this is a “must see” interview for anyone who has been ‘on the fence’ on this issue.

God bless all of you.  My advice in this age of deception?  Keep your hearts and minds open to the leading of the Holy Spirit and put your faith in God, not man.  Think twice before agreeing to be injected – bottom line is that you may only be a means to an end – the victim of Big Pharma’s greed$$$.

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